Friedrich P. Berg

Friedrich Paul Berg (born November 11, 1943) is a U.S. engineer and Holocaust revisionist. He holds a degree in Mining Engineering from Columbia University. His professional engineering work has been primarily as a mechanical engineer. He has served as an Environmental Affairs Representative. In that capacity he was recognized as an expert for environmental concerns including air pollution.

In April of 1978, Friedrich Berg first took a public stand regarding his views on the Holocaust story when he led a demonstration against the National Broadcasting Company for its showing of the TV miniseries Holocaust. In the years that followed Berg became known for the numerous articles which he wrote including the standard revisionist text on the absurdity of the diesel gas – mass murder story, "Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth." Friedrich Berg is one of the Holocaust-revisionist pioneers. His works on various technical topics related to the Holocaust story have been published by various journals around the world. He has also addressed numerous audiences on these topics and has had his ideas broadcast on radio and television.

People believe wrongly that the “Holocaust” is based on an enormous body of “irrefutable evidence.” Those who deny it happened must be either insane, or nearly insane—and driven by only the foulest of motives. The exact opposite is the case. It is the holocaust claims which are, in fact, driven …