The Ball Report

The Ball Report

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By John C. Ball


This is a series of maps and 3-D drawings of the Auschwitz concentration camp based on Allied wartime air photos. They show that Auschwitz, with its open and exposed locations, would have been a most unsuitable place for clandestine mass murder. It documents the total lack of such traces, like huge cremation pits and firewood piles. The Report is of particular value when used as a reference work in conjunction with other Auschwitz-related revisionist studies, but is also an excellent 'stand-alone' introduction into forensic studies of the Holocaust. It also contains the results of chemical analysis of masonry samples the author has taken from the walls of delousing facilities and so-called homicidal gas chambers at the Auschwitz camp. These results corroborate Leuchter's and Rudolf's findings of the lack of chemical residues of the alleged murder weapon "Zyklon B".


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Oct. 8, 2010


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Item ID: 301
Edition no.: 1
Pages: 16
Size: 8.5" × 11" (216 × 279 mm)
Format: broschürt
Publisher: Delta, B.C.: Ball Resource, Ltd.
Published in: 1993