Smith's Report #220

Special Memorial Edition

Smith's Report #220

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This is the Special Issue of Smith’s Report (#220) on occasion of Bradley Smith's passing away. We have printed this 36-pages edition with a color cover. As announced, we will mail this item out free of charge to all who have donated to the Smith family. Due to a computer crash, however, we have lost the information of some donors who are entitled to their copy, so we apologize if some of you haven't received their copy yet. In that case, please get in touch.

This issue has been posted completely online. You can download the entire issue as a PDF file here, or you can read each contribution online here. If you want to order a hard copy, please place the order here. As an exception, this item will be mailed from the U.S., rather than the UK.


Date added:
July 14, 2016


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Product Data
Feature Data
Item ID: 202
Edition no.: 1
Pages: 36
Size: 8.5"×11" (letter)
Format: stapled
Illustrations: 4 color ill. , 14 b/w ill.
Publisher: CODOH
Published in: 2/2016
Avaliable online at:
PDF file: complete book