Bungled: "Denying History"

How Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman Botched Their Attempt to Refute Those Who Say the Holocaust Never Happened

Bungled: "Denying History"

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By Carlo Mattogno

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Skeptic Magazine editor Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman from the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote a book in 2000 which they claim is “a thorough and thoughtful answer to all the claims of the Holocaust deniers.” In 2009, a new “updated” edition appeared with the same ambitious goal. In the meantime, revisionists had published some 10,000 pages of archival and forensic research results. Would their updated edition indeed answer all the revisionist claims?

Unfortunately, it’s yet another grand feint, and the present study proves it. In fact, Shermer and Grobman completely ignored the vast amount of recent scholarly studies published by revisionists.

In their book, they primarily piled up an enormous heap of falsifications, contortions, omissions, and fallacious interpretations of the evidence.

Finally, what the authors claim to have demolished is not historical revisionism but a ridiculous parody of it. They also massacred their own methodic rulebook by ignoring the known unreliability of their cherry-picked selection of evidence, utilizing unverified and incestuous sources, and obscuring the massive body of research and all the evidence that dooms their project to failure.

F for FAIL

Read Germar Rudolf's foreword to this book here

Caveat: This is a slightly updated version of a contribution already published in the book Auschwitz Lies.

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