Concentration Camp Majdanek

A Historical and Technical Study

Concentration Camp Majdanek

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By Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno

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Until the late 1990s, little new research had been directed toward the Concentration Camp Lublin-Majdanek in central Poland, even though up to two million Jews are claimed to have been murdered there by the Germans during World War II. Until the first appearance of this book, the only information available came from discredited Polish Communist propaganda.

This glaring research gap has been filled with the present study. Based on exhaustive research of primary sources and a thorough exploration of the physical remainders of the former concentration camp, the authors strike a death blow to the lie of homicidal gassings at Majdanek. They also critically investigate the legendary mass executions of Jews in anti-tank trenches (“Operation Harvest Festival”) and prove them groundless. The authors’ investigations lead to unambiguous and unsparing conclusions about the real history and the actual functioning of the camp which thoroughly destroy the official theses without excusing the abuses tolerated by Majdanek’s wartime commanders. Majdanek was not an “extermination camp,” but a labor camp, and the vast majority of inmates who died during their incarceration succumbed to diseases rather than wanton killings. With this work, Mattogno and Graf have once again produced a careful, methodical investigative work that sets the standard for all other treatments of Majdanek.

This third edition has three supplements reviewing new developments in this field of research. In particular the Polish Majdanek Museum has officially admitted that large parts of this study are indeed correct, and many of the Museum’s own claims are untrue.

Suggested price £4.00
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Date added: May 19, 2018


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