Festschrift for Robert Faurisson on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday


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By Robert H. Countess, Christian Lindtner and Germar Rudolf

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On January 25, 1929, 75 years before this book was first published, a man was born who probably deserves the title of the most courageous intellectual of the last third of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century: Robert Faurisson.

With hitherto unheard of bravery and steadfastness, he challenged the dark forces of historical and political fraud, deception, and deceit with his unrelenting exposure of their lies and hoaxes. His method of analytical exactitude in historiography and his striving for clear brevity in presenting the results of his research have become both famous and infamous at once.

Over the last 30 years, Robert Faurisson has become a role model of character strength to many, a lodestar for his method to his disciples, an idol for his breathtaking research activities to his admirers.

This Festschrift is dedicated to him by some of his closest friends in his struggle for exactitude in historiography and his ongoing fight not only for historical and political, but also for individual justice. It describes and celebrates the man and his work.

Happy Birthday, Robert!

(Reprint of the first edition of 2004)

List price £10.00
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Date added: Oct. 21, 2015


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