From the Temple to the Talmud

Exploring Judaic Origins, History, Folklore and Tribal Traditions

By Harrell Rhome

In From the Temple to the Talmud, Dr. Harrell Rhome offers a panoramic look at Jewish history, culture and religion from a Revisionist perspective. Not content to merely repeat the findings of previous researchers, Rhome offers a new interpretation of Jewish history‚ one that is sure to enrage some and leave others standing in ovation. Going back to primary and ancient sources, while also including research from scholars (many of whom are now considered too politically incorrect to cite by mainstream academicians), Rhome covers this expansive history in a lively and easy to read style, accompanied by many illustrations and a lengthy list of sources for future research. No doubt, after reading From the Temple to the Talmud, you will be well-versed in this fascinating and vitally important subject which Rhome refers to as “the curiously camouflaged and conveniently convoluted chronicle of the people called the Jews.”

Chapters include: What Was the Ancient Hebrew Religion?; Exploring the Origins and Evolution of the Hebrew Language; The Old Testament Is Theology, Not History; Esther, The Queen of Purim—A Talmudic Tale of Terror; Purim and the Whole Megillah; Rome Gave Birth to Judaism; The Khazarian Connection; Judaic Origins and Genetic Testing; The Yiddish Language and Ashkenazi Tribal Traditions; Demystifying the Talmud; Talmudic Mysticism and the Occult; Unveiling the Kabala —A Saga of Sorcery and Psychopolitics; Halakha Law and Talmudic Legalism; Judaism and Christianity—A Dysfunctional Relationship; Judaism and Christianity—A Focus on the Iberian Expulsions; Judaism and Christianity—Banning and Burning the Talmud; The Real History of the Hexagram Called the Star of David; The Protocols of Zion—Forgeries or Fact?; and Talmudism Today.

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