Heresy in Twenty-First Century France

A case of insubmission

By Georges M. Theil

On October 7, 2005, the author was convicted by a court in Limoges, where he had sent this book to two prominent wartime résistants and an orthodox historian, of "Holocaust denial." His sentence is the heaviest yet handed down under that law, dating from 1990: six months' imprisonment without remission, five years' political ineligibility (he is a former Front National regional councillor), permanent confiscation of everything the police had seized at his house (computer, books, documents) and a fine of €30,000. Also, he was ordered to pay damages amounting to nearly €40,000. Historical revisionists readily admit that all their efforts at denouncing the myth of the Jewish "Holocaust" have thus far met with a crushing indifference on the part of the general public. Yet, in a Europe where numerous countries have anti-revisionist laws, more or less modelled on the French "Fabius-Gayssot Act", in force, one fact ought to be obvious enough for everyone: the "System" in place, its Thought Police, the European Soviet Union's political commissars assigned with the task of brutally stifling any attempts to expose the horrid lie, of nipping dissidence in the bud, are anything but indifferent to the question. Could it be they have something to fear? On reading Theil's work you realise that they have.

Original Title: Un cas d'insoumission – Comment on devient révisionniste. Translated from the French by Nuovo Ordine Europeo, Trieste, Italy

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