Holocaust Affirmers

Their ideologies, their methodologies, their antecedents, their raison d'être

By Alexander Baron

Over the past few years the subject of (so-called) Holocaust Denial has become a major issue in the Western media. Almost universally the men referred to pejoratively as Holocaust Deniers have been portrayed as neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, cranks, or even as agents of a sinister international conspiracy hell-bent on rewriting the history of the Nazi era in order to restore the Third Reich. There are two sides to every coin though, and in this monograph, the first of its kind, the searchlight is turned on the staunchest opponents and most vociferous critics of Holocaust Deniers, the Holocaust Affirmers.

This book examines the major proponents of Holocaust Affirmation: Organised Jewry, the Organised Left, supposedly distinguished academics, self-styled skeptics, and on-line "educators", methodically and painstakingly, uncovering an international web of vested interest, intrigue, self-deception, outright lies, and at times, naked tyranny.

This book may not change your mind about Holocaust Revisionism, but it will make you realise that, contrary to the assertions of the Holocaust lobby, there is a very real debate going on here, a debate many who oppose the Revisionist movement clearly feel they are unable to win by fair means, so are determined to win by foul.

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