The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction

An information brochure on a topic that still impacts many societal and political issues, possibly more than ever

By Castle Hill Publishers

This 29-page booklet gives a condensed overview of the latest research on the Holocaust with references to literature where you can find more on the subject. It also explains why the issue is important and why many governments brutally suppresses dissenting views. This is an information brochure on a topic that still affects everyone today, perhaps more than ever. With lots of references to free e-books and videos, and listings for the entire book program of Castle Hill Publishers (at the time of going to press). Please note: this brochure is not protected by copyright. You can download it right here . New customers who order printed material from us will receive a free copy of this brochure with their order.


Majdanek is the name of a German concentration camp that operated from 1939 to 1944 on the outskirts of the Polish city of Lublin. It was the first of the large German camps to be occupied by Allied troops – in the summer of 1944. During a press conference on August 25th, 1944, the Soviets claimed a death toll of some two million for that camp.

About a year later, during the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, the Soviets claimed death toll of up to 1.5 million. Many of these victims are said to have been murdered in seven gas chambers.

Three years after the war, this number was reduced to 360,000 by a Polish commission. The next drop to 235,000 victims came after the collapse of the communist Eastern bloc. The last reduction so far was made in 2005 by the director of the Majdanek Museum: According to this, there were 78,000 victims, and five of the seven gas chambers originally claimed were no longer mentioned without giving any reason for this revision.

Hence, of the initially claimed 2,000,000 victims, only just under 4% are left today.

Critical historians have always insisted that the Majdanek death-toll figures have been greatly exaggerated (about 42,000 victims can be documented) and that there were no homicidal gas chambers in that camp at all. For this dissent they were slandered and persecuted.

If we look at the development of the orthodox narrative about other National-Socialist camps, it looks rather similar: Since the end of the war, the claimed death tolls have been drastically reduced over and over again, and all kinds of atrocity allegations had to be dropped.

So who can you still believe? Read for yourself…

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