Lies & Gravy

Landmarks in Human Decay. Two Consecutive Plays

By Gerard Menuhin


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the hallucination of global supremacy was born. Few paid it any attention. After centuries of counter-organic interference, when the end is in sight, we’re more inclined to take it seriously.

But now, we have only a few years of comparative freedom left before serfdom submerges us all.

So it’s time to summarize our fall and to name the guilty, or, as some have it, to spot the loony.

Sometimes the message is so dire that the only way to get it across is with humor – to act out our predicament and its cause.

No amount of expert testimony can match the power of spectacle.

Here, at times through the grotesque violence typical of Grand Guignol, at times through the milder but no less horrifying conspiracies of men incited by a congenital disorder to fulfill their drive for world domination, are a few of the most telling stages in their crusade against humanity, and its consequences, as imagined by the author.


We wonder whether these two consecutive plays will ever be performed on stage…

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