Managing Our Perception of the Third Reich

An Historiographical Challenge

Managing Our Perception of the Third Reich

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By Veronica K. Clark

University professors, white nationalists, Britishers, Anglo-Americans and Zionists alike have a stake in managing the world’s perception of NS Germany as well as World War II. Why? What are they trying to hide and why do they go to such extremes, including serial harassment and cyberbullying, to control and micromanage the narrative for the rest of us?

This concentrated analysis of the World War II and postwar narrative by author Veronica K. Clark answers these questions and many more in a witty, reader-friendly style.


“[….] There is someone out there who doesn’t want you to read this. In fact, they are so opposed to your reading this material that they have tried, and are still trying, to get this material banned from and other book sellers. American university professors such as Ethan B. Katz, Randall Bytwerk and my former thesis advisor, Dr. Mike Wadyko, are among an active and growing network of professional censors. One need only glimpse at the one-star reviews that my books have received to see that ‘certain people’ do not want the truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism known. They intimidate, ridicule, slander, lie, plant rumors and even threaten writers who disseminate this material. The question we must ask is why. Obviously these people have something to fear and something to hide as well, since they take the time to engage in censorship campaigns to ban books like mine and write reviews of books they have never even read [….]”

Concise, straightforward and fact-based, no reader will come away from this book without having learned how much he or she has been deceived when it comes to the real portrait of the Third Reich and National Socialist military establishment. Readers will likewise be shocked at the many suppressed crimes and racism of the allies, seldom or never addressed by other historians.

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