The Last Battle

By David Irving

In November 1945 Hitler’s men were put on trial in Nuremberg. The year-long trial was controversial. It was victor’s justice, said some: special laws had been passed, framed to pre-empt possible defences and to exclude any Allied war crimes, as there were few crimes listed in the indictment which one or more of the four prosecuting powers was not itself guilty. Chief U.S. prosecutor was Justice Robert H. Jackson, who claimed that wars could be prevented by international law. From his family, David Irving obtained exclusive access to his diaries and private papers, and found the papers left by the other lawyers and defendants too. Making no use of the (tainted) transcripts, the famous Blue Volumes – having once checked them against the wire recordings – Mr Irving provides a behind-the-scenes account of the trial up to the very moment of the hangings. Irving portrays the trial as what it really was: a high-grade lynching party of the victors, a crime committed against the vanquished.

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Publisher: London: Focal Point Publications
Published in: 2004
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