Pope Pius XII's Revisionism

Pope Pius XII's Revisionism

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By Robert Faurisson

Favourable to the Allies and obligingly helpful to the Jews, Pius XII was also a revisionist. It is precisely his revisionist's scepticism, and not any ignorance of the facts, that explains his silence on the alleged physical extermination of the Jews, on the alleged Nazi gas chambers and on the alleged six million Jewish victims of what today is called the 'Holocaust' or 'Shoah'.

For those who wish to do so, the only way to rehabilitate the memory of the maligned Pope is to speak the language of verifiable truth, historical exactitude or, quite simply, the facts.

By the same token, they will also be defending the victims of what Arthur Butz has called "The hoax of the twentieth century".

Additionally this volume contains — A fake: John XXIII's 'Prayer for the Jews'- According to the Talmud, Jesus is plunged for eternity in boiling excrement- Six questions to John Paul II about Edith Stein- A letter from Henri Roques to Henri Amouroux.

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