The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy

By Peter Stahl

39 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the truth finally comes to light: In 1996, Robert Trumbull Crowley, former head of Clandestine Operations of the CIA, gave documents of his own top secret operations to his friend Peter Stahl aka Gregory Douglas.

After Robert Crowley died in late 2000, Stahl began publishing important sections of the Crowley Papers. This is the first of a series of shocking revelations of the secret plots of top officials of the U.S. government.

“OPERATION ZIPPER” was the code name for the forced removal of John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America. This operation was implemented with the help, approval, and/or knowledge of the FBI, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Army, and the Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, under the aegis of the CIA.

Backed-up with documents reproduced in the book, Stahl proves, which individuals plotted to kill John F. Kennedy, why they thought that this assassination was justified, how it was done, who else was involved, and how the cover-up of this major clandestine operation was mounted.

“However one may respond to the horrific contents of this book, one has to be impressed by its internal coherence; and it also brings some welcome clarity to the prolix and entangled drama of the JFK assassination. It should trigger a fresh Congressional inquiry into this national tragedy.”—Fredrick J. Norris, LtCdr., U.S. Naval Attaché, ret.

As is well known, the rise of Fidel Castro as communist dictator of Cuba led to a series of very dangerous confrontations with the U.S., for instance the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis, to name only the best known events.

It is less well-known that both the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA were plotting to drag the U.S. into open hostilities with Cuba by staging “Cuban aggressions”, and to intentionally cause “collateral damage” outside and inside the U.S., in other words: to kill innocent civilians, including U.S. citizens, and blame it on Castro in order to supply a reason for a military invasion of Castro’s Cuba.

When U.S. President John F. Kennedy discovered this treasonable program, he intervened and prevented what would certainly have triggered a nuclear world war. In order to prevent another such clandestine intelligence horror, Kennedy felt strongly that it was an urgent necessity to circumvent both the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA who obviously were extremely determined to force a dangerous war on his administration. He and his brother Robert, the Attorney General, decided that any official attempt on their part to establish a rapprochement with the Soviet Union would be doomed to failure by the actions of his own intelligence agencies.

By dealing with the Soviets behind the back of the CIA, John F. Kennedy unwittingly signed his own death sentence, because many high officials within his administration now considered him to be a traitor.

Peter Stahl, here writing under the pen name Gregory Douglas (derived from his illegitimate son's name Gregory Douglas Alford), was born in Germany to a mother whose brother happened to have been the later infamous Heinrich Müller, Chief of the Gestapo. Stahl's parents immigrated to the U.S. before the rise of the Third Reich, though, when Stahl was just two years of age. Prior to and during the war, little Peter was heavily influenced by his grandfather, who turned him into a German nationalist with an admiration for anything emanating from the Third Reich. Stahl later turned this admiration into a career of collecting, selling and, admittedly, faking Third Reich memorabilia on a grand scale – a big business in the U.S. in the second half of the 20th century. During his activities he eventually ran into people who knew of a dark secret – that the Truman administration had given Gestapo Müller refuge after the war in exchange for his knowledge on communist subversives in the U.S. Müller's material was anonymously channeled to Senator McCarthy, who used it for his relentless pursuit of communists within the U.S. during the early years of the Cold War. Eventually, Müller was informed about his nephew's whereabouts in the U.S., and the two subsequently met. Due to this contact, Stahl also got in touch and gained the confidence of the CIA operative who had recruited Müller after the war: Robert T. Crowley. Shortly before his impending death, Crowley handed a set of explosive documents to Stahl, hoping that he would make appropriate use of it.

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