The Artist within the Warlord

An Adolf Hitler You've Never Known

The Artist within the Warlord

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By Hermann Giesler

Meet the Adolf Hitler you have never known in this original translation by Wilhelm Kriessmann, Ph.D., and Carolyn Yeager, from Hermann Giesler's revealing memoir Ein Anderer Hitler (A Different Hitler). A prize-winning architect, Giesler was an intimate of Adolf Hitler and also well-acquainted with many of the principal players in Hitler's Third Reich government and in the NSDAP. As Hitler's frequent guest at his two secret military headquarters—Wolfsschanze and Werwolf—during the war years, Giesler became a trusted confidant to whom the Supreme Commander could unburden himself as the two worked together drafting city-wide building ideas for Munich and Linz. Because of his deeply artistic nature, Hitler needed such a creative outlet; it relaxed him for making difficult war decisions. Giesler reveals to us the extent of the artist in Hitler, how it affirmed itself in his character and influenced his worldview (Weltanschauung). In this book, you'll learn about an authentic Hitler—Hitler the artist and humanist.

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ISBN: 9780692179581
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Edition type: slightly corrected
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Published in: 8/2018