The Controversy of Black Nazis II

By Veronica K. Clark

Why is the Black Nazis book and thesis so controversial to so many? Why have extremists on both the left and right attacked the author’s premise with such indignant ferocity? This concise interview conducted by Ernest Young of Germany’s Zuerst! magazine of author Veronica K. Clark answers these questions in a reader-friendly interview.


“[….] During one of the Colonial club meetings in 1934, an NS official recommended that only Negroes who served in the military or civil service capacity in the German Colonial Government be considered for citizenship in the Third Reich. He also mentioned that the population of blacks in Germany was small (an estimated 25,000 in 1925) and that most were from the former colonies of the Cameroons and Togo. Most were employed as artisans. However, he advocated that blacks who had arrived in Germany before and after the war who did not serve in some capacity in the colonial government should be repatriated. Under the Reich Colonial Office, a recommendation was announced for limited citizenship afforded to blacks who were loyal during the Imperial period [….]”

One of a kind, straight to the point and loaded with rare factual tidbits, no reader will come away from this book without having learned something new and intriguing about racial relations in the Third Reich and the German military establishment.

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