The Holocaust: An Introduction

Exploring the Evidence

The Holocaust: An Introduction

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By Thomas Dalton

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The Holocaust was perhaps the greatest crime of the 20th century. Six million Jews, we are told, died by gassing, shooting, and deprivation. Much has been written about this crime. And yet much remains a mystery. Even some basic questions have no clear answers. For example, we would like to know:

  • Where did the six million figure come from?
  • How, exactly, did the gas chambers work?
  • Why do we have so little physical evidence from major death camps?
  • Why haven’t we found even a fraction of the six million bodies, or their ashes?
  • Why has there been so much media suppression and governmental censorship on this topic?

In a sense, the Holocaust is the greatest murder mystery in history. Not only is it a fascinating story in its own right, but it can point us to deeper truths about our contemporary society. It is a topic of greatest importance for the present day.

Let’s explore the evidence, and see where it leads.

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