The Holocaust Controversy

A Case for Open Debate

By Bradley R. Smith

This double-sided letter-size leaflet gives the novice a brief introduction into what Holocaust Revisionism is. These are suitable for leaving under windshield wipers. Remember, this flyer is not copyright-protected. Click on the illustration or right here to download it. This means you can download our production PDF file and spread it through all electronic channels at your disposal, or you can print as many copies of it on your home printer as you like (fold it as instructed on the bottom of the page), or give the file to a copy shop or professional printer to make as many copies as you need for whatever purpose you like: to give away as information free of charge, or to sell them for as much as you can get for them. Click right here to download it.

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Product Details
Item ID: 405
Edition no.: 1
Pages: 2
Size: 8.5"×11" (letter), folded
Format: flyer, folded
Illustrations: 1 b/w ill.
Publisher: Uckfield: Castle Hill Publishers
Published in: 4/2018
PDF file: complete book
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