The 'Other' Nazis

Frank Joseph's Interview with Author V. K. Clark

The 'Other' Nazis

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By Veronica K. Clark

This detailed interview conducted by Frank Joseph of New Dawn Magazine with author Veronica K. Clark answers a number of fascinating questions about Germany's foreign and non-German participation, their motivations, Nazi racial views, the Waffen-SS and a number of other important World War II issues in a reader-friendly interview. An ideal 'starter book' for anyone who is new to this fascinating subject matter.


“[….] Siegfried Hollstein, Herbert Sabac el Cher’s mulatto son prior to his marriage, was blond, blue-eyed and athletic. He was enrolled in a political educational school at the outset of the war, one of the NS elite schools whose students, after having proved their Aryan heritage, were to form the ideological leadership. A document was found in Herbert’s estate, a letter by a certain Agnes addressed to Siegfried’s mother Elfriede Höschl in Spandau, about “proof of racial origin,” along with all the other pertaining documents. It reads, ‘Please find enclosed a list for your information. Heil Hitler [….]’

Fun to read while factual, this little book provides readers with a fresh and balanced view of Adolf Hitler's racial views, the German military, and World War II itself.

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