The Third Rome

Holy Russia, Tsarism & Orthodoxy

The Third Rome

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By Matthew Raphael Johnson

The writer is a former editor of TBR. Academic historians, liberals and Communists have been fashioning a fantasy world around Russian history for nearly 100 years, spreading slander and myth about an entire population.

Here’s the first book in English that sets out to defend the history of Tsarist Russia from St. Vladimir to Tsar St. Nicholas II—Russia before bloody Bolshevism.

Was Ivan the Terrible Really a “Mad Butcher?”

Wasn’t Emperor Paul a “monster?”

Was Tsarist rule completely “unlimited?”

Was the peasantry under serfdom oppressed?

Who financed the Bolsheviks?

Did the Tsars really represent the Russian people?

Where did Russian Liberalism actually come from?

It is a defense of royalism from Kievan Rus’ until the abdication of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II at the end of World War I.

For English speaking readers, it is the only published account of Tsarist Russia that succeeds in demolishing the arguments of the kept Anglo-American historians on the “evils” and “tyranny” of the Tsarist government.

This work is a concise defense of Tsarism and the notion of Orthodox Russia. Just after the “History Channel’s” hatchet job on the Romanovs ran on American television, referring to the Tsars as “butchers” and “tyrants,” this new book could not be more useful.

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