The Union Jackal

England’s Bloody Path to Empire and Downfall

By Veronica K. Clark

The fourth book in Veronica K. Clark's exclusive Wehrwolf series, REVISED and UPDATED. In order to provide readers with a balance of ideas and perspective, this book incorporates Dr. Arnold Springborn’s book within a broader collection instead of simply presenting it as a standalone work. This is a popular format: that of many authors contributing essay-chapters in a single, long work. That is the format of this book. All of the chapters and additional translations included in this publication to enhance and clarify Dr. Springborn were selected with care. Thus readers should not come away from this book offended but historically informed by a rare and excellent primary source, and the accompanying mythbusting research argued from an NS/unorthodox viewpoint. And why should anyone read Dr. Springborn when so many others have written on Amero-British war crimes and imperialism? First, Springborn explains the direct relationship between Judaism and Puritanism as well as British Freemasonry and its role in the encirclement of Germany. We therefore get a rare glimpse of the clandestine machinations at work before both world wars. Second, Dr. Springborn exposes Freemasonry as an imperialistic ideology: it preaches peace and tolerance but makes war and discriminates. Third, Springborn reveals the foundations of the seemingly elusive “new world order.” Finally, Dr. Springborn provides us with the reasoning behind National Socialist ideology. Why did the NS Germans think and feel as they did? -- Now readers will know!

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ISBN: 978-1502732699
Edition no.: 2
Edition type: revised
Size: 6"×9"
Format: paperback
Illustrations: 124 b/w ill.
Publisher: Vera Icona Publishers
Published in: 10/2014
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