Truth for Germany

An Interview

By Veronica K. Clark

'Mourning the Ancient' ( interviews V. K. Clark on World War II Germany and National Socialism. Already banned on Amazon Europe! Readers will learn a tremendous amount about Hitler and National Socialism from just this one interview. For starters, they will encounter an oft-ignored side to Adolf Hitler. He was a remarkable human being. As one of his oldest secretaries recently noted, he was a very generous, caring, unselfish person who took an interest in the comforts and lives of those around him. Such a huge man, perhaps the most powerful in the world at the time – certainly the most loved leader – cared about the lives of the so-called ‘minions’. And he did not live lavishly or demand much either. He even traveled without security and in an open car most of his life. Nonetheless we’re all expected to believe he was a genocidal megalomaniac and psychopath, a man who simply used Germany to realize his own grotesque delusions of grandeur and war gaming. Obviously too few people know the truth about Stalin, FDR and Churchill. Hitler did everything he did for the commoners, the caste to which he himself belonged. He emerged from among the masses – was elected – and pulled off one of the greatest economic miracles in human history. While America was still languishing with a 19.8% unemployment rate in 1938, Germany's was just 2.1%. And the rearmament program had only begun in 1936 with the advent of Göring's Four Year Plan. While respectable Jewish historians, like Dan Silverman, have tried to obfuscate Hitler's economic miracle, they have not been able to get around the fact that something incredible happened in Germany which did not happen anywhere else. Even Japan – with their vast rearmament efforts, wide range of skills and incredible work ethic – had a 3% unemployment rate. And it isn't as though the United States had not rearmed by 1938 or did not have a vast military expenditure program of its own! And Britain too! – Yet, Britain's unemployment rate was 12.6% in 1938. To appease the military Hitler made the Waffen SS subordinate to the Army in case of war. Even in 1938/39, the War Ministry refused to accept mandatory ‘Nazi Party’ membership of all civil service applicants. Equally striking is that the Hitler salute was never introduced in the new Air Force and it was even cancelled owing to Wehrmacht pressure. Contrary to fable, Hitler did not suggest or require this salute: it was introduced by Wilhelm Frick as a decree in 1935 to demonstrate the solidarity shared by the Wehrmacht, SA and SS. One of the most interesting consequences of the NS revolution is that the Wehrmacht officer corps became the least snobbish in German history. And even though many of the “vons” resented Hitler's de-aristocrazation of the military, it happened nevertheless.

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