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If you already have a complete set of our Holocaust Handbooks (or if you are not interested in them), and you are interested in purchasing all the other English-language books we offer, here is your opportunity: Get ALL of our English-language books that are NOT part of the Holocaust Handbooks in this bundle at a greatly reduced total price. This offer includes all the items listed below in alphabetical order (click on the link to pull up their individual page).

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  • Auschwitz

    W. Stäglich | Print Book (paperback) 2/2015
    Auschwitz is the epicenter of the Holocaust, where more people are said to have been murdered than anywhere else. But …

  • Auschwitz – Forensically Examined

    C. Cox | Print Book (paperback) 3/2019
    A concise summary of the most-important results of forensic research on Auschwitz from 1945 to today as well as their …

  • Auschwitz: A Three-Quarter Century of Propaganda

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 1/2018
    This book gives an overview of the many rumors, myths and lies about Auschwitz spread during and right after the …

  • Bungled: "Denying History"

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 3/2017
    Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman claim their book "Denying History answers "all the claims of the Holocaust deniers.” But as …

  • Bungled: “Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories”

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 3/2017
    With great fanfare, a new book was announce in early 2016, the ultimate refutation of "Holocaust denial." But as Mattogno's …

  • Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback) 4/2017
    2nd edition: Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust" is the most pitiful book ever written against revisionism. But since academia and mainstream …

  • Eternal Strangers

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 1/2020
    This book reveals what prominent critics said about the Jews throughout many centuries: they were seen as conniving, shifty liars …

  • Exactitude

    R. Countess et al. (eds.) | Print Book (paperback) 10/2015
    A collection of revisionist essays written for and dedicated to French scholar Prof. em. Dr. Robert Faurisson on the occasion …

  • Goebbels on the Jews

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 7/2019
    Goebbels kept a near-daily diary and wrote numerous articles. This book contains, for the first time, every significant diary entry …

  • Hitler on the Jews

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 4/2019
    What exactly did Hitler say about the Jews? His opinions, we're told, were that of a lunatic. For the first …

  • Holocaust Skepticism

    Castle Hill Publishers et al. (eds.) | Print Book (stapled) 3/2018
    This 15-page brochure introduces the novice to the concept of Holocaust revisionism, and answers 20 tough questions, among them: What …

  • Hunting Germar Rudolf

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback) 12/2016
    German-born revisionist writer and publisher Germar Rudolf describes which events made him convert from a Holocaust believer to a Holocaust …

  • Lies & Gravy

    G. Menuhin | Print Book (paperback) 1/2019
    A dismal outlook on what our world has become, presented in two consecutive plays and an epilogue explaining what it …

  • Moral Turpitude

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback (unsigned)) 10/2020
    What if a man and a woman wear the same style of healthy and safe early-morning outdoor workout clothes? The …

  • Resistance Is Obligatory

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback) 3/2016
    Germar Rudolf is back—with a powerful message: resist the oppressors! This is his report about his trials and tribulations in …

  • Stalin's War of Extermination

    J. Hoffmann | Print Book (paperback) 9/2015
    A documentation of Stalin's murderous war against the German army and the German people. Based on German and Russian military …

  • Streicher, Rosenberg, and the Jews

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 6/2020
    If we want to understand the origins of the current mainstream narrative on the Holocaust, we need to go back …

  • Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

    G. Menuhin | Print Book (paperback) 7/2017
    4th, slightly corrected edition of June 2017: A prominent Jew says the "Holocaust" is a propaganda myth which has turned …

  • The Day Amazon Murdered History

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback) 2/2018
    In early March 2017, Amazon banned over 150 history books from its sale lists. They bent to pressure of Jewish …

  • The First Zündel Trial

    G. Rudolf (ed.) | Print Book (paperback) 2/2020
    The 1985 Toronto Trial against German immigrant Ernst Zündel for his disbelief in the orthodox Holocaust narrative was a turning …

  • The Holocaust: An Introduction

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 8/2016
    During the Third Reich, 6 million Jews were murdered, most of them in gas chambers. But let's not take things …

  • The Jewish Hand in the World Wars

    T. Dalton | Print Book (paperback) 5/2019
    The influence of Jewish pressure groups and personalities on various social and political movements has been a topic of many …

  • The Second Babylonian Captivity

    S. Werner | Print Book (paperback) 3/2019
    "Where did the six million Jews go, if they weren't murdered?" This book follows the trail of Hitler's deported Jews …

  • The Second Zündel Trial

    B. Kulaszka (ed.) | Print Book (paperback) 4/2019
    The 1988 Toronto Trial against German immigrant Ernst Zündel for his disbelief in the orthodox Holocaust narrative was a turning …

  • Who Started World War II?

    U. Walendy | Print Book (paperback) 9/2014
    This book proves that the Second World War was not a Good War at all, that simple Good and Evil …

  • The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction

    Castle Hill Publishers | Print Book (paperback) 1/2021
    A concise information brochure with the most-important arguments about the Holocaust on only 29 pages. It contains plenty of references …

  • Hitler's Revolution

    R. Tedor | Print Book (paperback) 12/2021
    New edition, exclusively from Castle Hill! This study explains how Adolf Hitler transformed Germany within four years from a bankrupt …

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