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Calvin wants us to decide that there will be two worlds: a white world and a colored world. If we don't do this, the white race will be dissolved, and in the end there will be only a colored world. The author appeals for a setup wherein the white race, with its blue eyes and pink skin, can be assured of continued existence.

An explanation of some of the paradoxes of modern Western societies: why does the tax burden always increase? Why does the number of productive people diminish? The assiduous pay taxes, the languid become government employees. The Mob votes for its bread and circuses... Inevitably this situation will lead to a collapse, democracy degenerates into tyranny...


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Oct. 8, 2010

What some people think they ‘know’ about Hitler and his era is nothing close to the truth. Leon Degrelle, during WW2 a general of the Waffen-SS was acquainted with all of the big names of the European arena, including Churchill, Mussolini, Franco, Laval, Petain and many others, including, of course, needless to say, Adolf Hitler himself...

This is an unsettling—but consistently fascinating—exposé of the dark forces behind world subversion that have worked relentlessly on virtually every front to forcibly transform traditional white culture for the benefit of the financial and political power of one powerful minority.

In this book, the author opines that Christianity is part of the problem, i.e., that the desire to conserve Christianity makes it impossible to conserve anything of genuine value. Christianity teaches false values that promote weakness and irrationality. The role of the Jews in the Bible also gives them enormous and detrimental spiritual and secular power in Christian lands.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is one of the most reviled politicians in the west. At the same time, few leaders worldwide have maintained such high levels of popularity. This book tries to explain why...

This book expounds the populist political philosophy by offering small profiles of some of the greatest historical populist figures. Many politicians of today claim the populist label; however, as this volume shows few among the Establishment's figures fully understand this political philosophy.