Third Reich

National Socialism has been dismissed as a movement without philosophical foundation. Yet Alfred Rosenberg's work proves the opposite: Here are 22 essays addressing various aspects of social, cultural, economic and political life. Selected and translated with an introduction by Alexander Jacobs.

How and why did so many non-German ethnic minorities and foreigners fight for the Nazis in World War II? This study answers these questions, among others, by reexamining the Third Reich from a dynamic new perspective.

Mourning the Ancient’s riveting interview about the Third Reich and National Socialism with military historian Veronica K. Clark. A genuine page-turner, topics range from how the author became interested in this subject to Afro-Germans in Hitler’s armed forces and Stalin’s planned offensive against Eastern Europe.

Gustav Sabac el Cher, a black man who lived in Königsberg, was “the only black bandmaster of the German Army.” This detailed narrative takes us back in time, over 150 years ago. It follows a thriving African-German family through several generations at a time, when African Americans faced much harsher fates in the US.

Why is the Black Nazis book and thesis so controversial to so many? Why have extremists on both the left and right attacked the author’s premise with such indignant ferocity? This concise interview conducted by Ernest Young of Germany’s Zuerst! magazine of author Veronica K. Clark answers these questions in a reader-friendly interview.

University professors, white nationalists, Britishers, Anglo-Americans and Zionists alike have a stake in managing the world’s perception of NS Germany as well as World War II. Why? What are they trying to hide and why do they go to such extremes, including serial harassment and cyberbullying, to control and micromanage the narrative for the rest of us? This concentrated analysis of the World War II and postwar narrative by author Veronica K. Clark answers these questions and many more in a witty, reader-friendly style.

This is New Dawn Magazine's exclusive interview with author and historian Veronica K. Clark. The excellent questions asked by America's former "Fuehrer", Frank Collins, are astutely answered, providing readers with a fresh and balanced view of Adolf Hitler's racial views, the German military, and World War II itself. Take the next step, get this book, and broaden your intellectual horizons.

Franz Wimmer-Lamquet, a virtually "unknown" Standartenfuehrer, is sent by Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Hitler to Tanganyika on a special mission that few knew about then, and even fewer know about today. No historian has ever detailed his remarkable adventures recruiting native Africans and Arab special forces for sabotage and warfare against Imperial Britain.

Two hitherto unpublished, TOP SECRET speeches by Hitler and Himmler, never before available in English until now!

An original translation by Wilhelm Kriessmann, Ph.D., and Carolyn Yeager, from Hermann Giesler's memoir, Ein Anderer Hitler (A Different Hitler). In this book, you'll learn about the authentic Hitler-Hitler the artist and humanist.