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Many of the books published by Castle Hill Publishers can be downloaded free of charge (mp4, ePub and PDF; see here). This way we tear down any financial barriers, and we eliminate any concerns about the loss of privacy, because customers buying books from us or elsewhere usually have to identify themselves, which many don't want to do. This "free for all" policy helps spreading the revisionist message, which is otherwise severely impeded by governmental and "free-market" censorship. The consequence of this for us is, however, that we lose sales. Hence, paying our translators who make these studies available in English and other languages is a struggle. As a matter of fact, very few translations of revisionist books, and no subtitle translations of movies, can be financed by profits made from sales. Asking people to translate books or subtitles free of charge sounds like a good idea, but in that case you usually get what you pay for. Because we want to produce high-quality products, we have to rely to a large extent on professional translators, and they simply cannot work just for the love of it. They must earn their daily bread.

We have therefore decided to do our own crowd-funding. We tried that before using the service of a third party, but the big crowd-funding sites not only keep a sizeable chunk of the funds raised for themselves, they also have "Acceptable Use Policies" which frequently prohibit fund-raising for revisionist causes.

Alternatively, you can place a general donation the old-fashion way using the options listed below. As the publishing branch of CODOH, we also directly and indirectly benefit from donations made to CODOH.

A QUICK WORD ABOUT CREDIT-CARD PAYMENTS by U.S. RESIDENTS: Credit-card payments are unsafe, causing fraud damage north of 26 billion US dollars every year worldwide, almost half of it in the U.S.; processing companies, gateway companies and card issuers all take fees, resulting in 2, 3, 4, 5 percent of the money you donate going to THEM, not us; our current processor keeps 10% of the rest as a "reserve", so we don't even get 88% of what you pay with any card; and then, when they don't like what we publish, they cancel their service and leave us high and dry. Knowing this, nobody should touch credit and debit cards with a ten-foot pole! Read more about it in our dedicated article "Don’t Pay with Credit/Debit Cards!" For those with a bank account in the U.S., there is a much better way of paying and donating: Zelle® Bank Transfers. This is our preferred method! If your bank participates in the Zelle® network, and if you have online banking (no matter what device you use for it), you're all set to send money to us safely (we won't know your bank account info), instantly (within seconds), privately (no one else will know) and without any fees. And no one can sabotage our financial interactions! But even if your bank does not participate in this network (ask them, indeed, insist that they join!), with the proper Zelle® app, you can still do it (check out the lists of banks participating in this program here: You can send whatever you want to pay by entering our receiving email address: [email protected]. It's as simple as that.

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