Pay Invoice with Credit Card

Here you can pay an invoice we sent you using your credit card. (For other payment options see here.) All you need is your Order ID number as written on the invoice (please use the Offline-Order-ID number of our offline database), and the amount you wish to pay (preferably the full amount). Since the bank processing your credit card payment resides in the U.S., all charges are made in US dollars. Our default invoicing currency is British Pounds; if your invoice total due is given in another currency (US$ or Euros), please select the matching currency from the drop-down list. Our website's currency conversion feature will then calculate the matching amount in U.S. Dollars.

Note: Since we do not keep order or customer data on our server, we can neither match your order number with an actually existing number, nor can we determine how much you have to pay and whether or not your actual payment amount is correct. However, in case it is not, we will contact you at the email address you will have to provide. This will also be the email address where the automatic payment receipt will be sent to.
Note: Charges will occur as "Castle Hill Publishers, PA" on your CC statement!

You will enter your credit card information on the second page.