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Author Title Region
Rassinier, Paul Das Drama der Juden Europas (2018) Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo Debunking the Bunkers of Auschwitz (2016) Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo Special Treatment in Auschwitz (2016) Worldwide
Weckert, Ingrid Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich (2016) Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo Belzec (2016) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Der Holocaust: Die Argumente (2017) Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz (2015) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Dissecting the Holocaust (2019) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Das Konzentrationslager Stutthof (2016) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Der Holocaust auf dem Seziertisch (2019) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen The Giant with Feet of Clay (2015) Worldwide
Butz, Arthur R. Der Jahrhundertbetrug (2017) Worldwide
Lenski, Robert Der Holocaust vor Gericht (2010) Worldwide
Burg, Josef G. Schuld und Schicksal (2018) Worldwide
Rassinier, Paul Was ist Wahrheit? (2018) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Treblinka (2016) Worldwide
Heddesheimer, Don The First Holocaust (2018) Worldwide
Rhome, Harrell From the Temple to the Talmud (2011) Europe
Countess, Robert H. Exactitude (2015) Worldwide
Brown, Herbert L. The Devil's Handiwork (2011) Europe
Christian, Peter The Work of All Ages (2010) Europe
Cox, Cyrus Auschwitz – forensisch untersucht (2018) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Concentration Camp Majdanek (2016) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Auschwitz-Lügen (2016) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Diktatur Bundesrepublik Deutschland (2017) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker (2012) Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Concentration Camp Stutthof (2016) Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Eine Zensur findet statt! (2018) Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo Auschwitz: Crematorium I (2016) Worldwide
Judas, Elizabeth Rasputin (2005) Europe
Bird, Vivian The Dartmoor Massacre (2003) Europe
Kulaszka, Barbara The Second Zündel Trial (2019) Worldwide
White, William The Centuries of Revolution (2012) Europe
Carto, Willis Populism vs. Plutocracy (2005) Europe
Tiffany, John A Short History of the Balfour Declaration (2012) Europe
Grandinetti, Ralph Final Solution (2012) Europe
Degrelle, Leon Hitler Democrat (2012) Europe
Rassinier, Paul Die Lüge des Odysseus (2018) Worldwide
Gritzbach, Erich Hermann Goering (2013) Europe
Melaouhi, Abdallah Rudolf Hess (2013) Europe
Calvin, Ira The Lost White Race (2013) Europe
Angel, Paul Fountain of Fairytales (2013) Europe
Christophersen, Thies Die Auschwitz-Lüge (1978) Worldwide
Brown, Charles W. Nathan Hale—Martyr—Spy (2013) Europe
Gerard, John The Gunpowder Plot (2014) Europe
Mattogno, Carlo Inside the Gas Chambers (2016) Worldwide
Walendy, Udo Who Started World War II? (2014) Worldwide excluding US
Dall, Curtis B. FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law (2014) Europe
Kollerstrom, Nicholas Breaking the Spell (2019) Worldwide
Scheidl, Franz J. Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands, 7 Bände (2014) Worldwide