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Effective March 6, 2017, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the two biggest book retailers of the world, banned most of our books from their websites. You can find the list of banned books here, together with links on where to buy them (from us or anyone else).

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Holocaust Denial -- New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition

This book has been out of print for a while, but can be had second hand, see the link below. It's also available as a free PDF download at the link given at the bottom.


Debating the Holocaust

3rd, slightly corrected edition! A debate about the Holocaust is raging underground; not whether or not it happened, but rather how, through what means, and to what extent. Here, arguments and counter-arguments are presented, and all relevant facts are laid out in a clear and concise manner. The entire debate, censored in public, is presented in a scholarly fashion.


Vorlesungen über den Holocaust

Ein Kompendium vergangener und gegenwärtiger Kontroversen um die etablierte Holocaust-Geschichtsschreibung. Ein umfassender, aktueller Überblick zur kritischen Forschung über den Holocaust: materielle Spuren, forensische Untersuchungen, Dokumentenanalysen, Kritik von Zeugenaussagen. Vierte, revidierte und erweiterte Auflage von 2017.


Lectures on the Holocaust

A compendium of past and present controversies about the mainstream Holocaust narrative. A comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust: physical traces, forensic examinations, document analysis, critique of witness testimony. Third, revised and expanded edition of 2017.


Auschwitz: Crematorium I

Second, revised edition. The morgue of Crematorium I in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp is said to have been the first location where mass gassings of Jews occurred over an extended period of time. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that this morgue always was only what it was meant to be: a morgue…


Die Chemie von Auschwitz (schwarz-weiß)

Auschwitz war ein Zentrum der Chemie. Die deutsche chemische Industrie baute dort riesige Fabriken für Gummi und Treibstoffe, und die SS experimentierte mit kautschukhaltigen Pflanzen. Aber das ist nicht, was man mit dem Namen “Auschwitz” verbindet. Man denkt dabei an Gaskammern und Zyklon B, zwei ebenfalls chemische Dinge. Wie sahen also die Gaskammern aus? Wie funktionierten sie? Was war Zyklon B? Wie tötet es? Hinterlässt es Spuren, die man bis heute finden kann? Diese und viele andere Fragen werden in der vorliegenden Studie erforscht. Preiswerte Schwarz-Weiß-Ausgabe.


The Chemistry of Auschwitz (b&w)

Auschwitz was a center of chemistry. The German chemical industry built gigantic factories for rubber and fuel, and the SS experimented with natural sources of rubber. But that's not what we associate with the name "Auschwitz." We think of gas chambers and Zyklon B, two chemical things as well. How did the gas chambers look like? How did they operate? What was Zyklon B? How does it kill? Did it leave traces that can be found still today? These and other questions are thoroughly examined. Affordable black&white edition.


Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”

2nd edition: Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust" is the most pitiful book ever written against revisionism. But since academia and mainstream media keep pushing it, and because a "new" edition was released in late 2016, a thorough exposure of her incompetence and mendacity was overdue.


Diktatur Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Ein Land, das Historiker in Gefängnisse wirft, das Singen friedlicher Lieder verbietet, wissenschaftliche Bücher verbrennt, politische Schauprozesse führt, Angeklagte rechtlos macht, Mitglieder legaler Oppositionsparteien verfolgt: dies ist eine Diktatur. Dies ist die Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


The Memoirs of Col. John S. Mosby

Memoirs of the legendary Confederate cavalry leader who bedeviled the Union army for four years, almost within sight of the U.S. capitol. A brutally honest account in his own words of the most devastating war in American history.


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