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Leuchter Reports in New, Fourth Edition

Ground-shaking and trailblazing, that's what Fred Leuchter's work during the late 1980s was, when this U.S. expert on execution technologies went to Auschwitz and other infamous places and investigated the local facilities that are said to have been used for mass murder. All these reports are included in this book, plus many critical remarks and additional information gathered during the past decades. This fourth, corrected edition also features a section on a more recent and thorough investigation of the alleged Dachau gas chamber.

CHP's Bestseller Book

Now available as a corrected 2nd edition: Dr. Nick Kollerstrom's best-selling Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust. Myth and Reality, with a foreword by Prof. em. Dr. James H. Fetzer. Kollerstrom shows that “witness statements” supporting the human gas chamber narrative clearly clash with the available scientific data. He juxtaposes the commonly accepted ideas about a Nazi extermination policy toward the Jews with a wide array of mostly unchallenged, but usually unmentioned evidence pointing in a quite different direction, among them most notably German radio messages from the concentration camps intercepted and decrypted by the British. This is the first ever revisionist book on the Holocaust written by a British author!

Greatly improved new edition:

Since its first appearance in 2009, Dalton's Debating the Holocaust has become a revisionist bestseller. We've now taken this book under the umbrella of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks and have given it a major overhaul to bring it up to the newest state of the Grand Debate—which doesn't exist according to the other side. But in fact, a debate about the Holocaust is raging, although mostly "underground"; not whether or not it happened, but rather how, through what means, and to what extent. Here, arguments and counter-arguments are presented, and all relevant facts are laid out in a clear and concise manner. The entire debate, censored in public, is presented in a scholarly fashion.

Good things come to those who wait

After 3 years of editing, peer-reviewing, revising, correcting, proofing, frequently interrupted and relegated to the back row by other, more urgent projects, Carlo Mattogno's Opus Magnum is finally available:The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz—an exhaustive technical study of cremation technology in general and of the cremation furnaces used at Auschwitz and Birkenau in particular. Next to the alleged "gas chambers," these furnaces are claimed to have been the main "weapon of crime" said to have destroyed the traces of up to a million murdered individuals. On a sound and thoroughly documented base of technical literature, extant wartime documents and material traces, Mattogno reveals the true hygienic function, i.e. the benign nature of the cremation furnaces of Auschwitz.

Another New and Exciting Book

We are proud to announce a new book: Prof. Dr. Warren B. Routledge's Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, Night, the Memory Cult, and the Rise of Revisionism, with a foreword by Germar Rudolf. The world's first unauthorized biography of Elie Wiesel shines the light of truth on this mythomaniac who has transformed the word “Holocaust” into the brand name of the world’s greatest hoax. Here, both Wiesel’s personal deceits and the whole myth of “the six million” are laid bare for the reader’s perusal. It shows how Zionist control of the U.S. Government as well as the nation’s media and academic apparatus has allowed Wiesel and his fellow extremists to force a string of U.S. presidents to genuflect before this imposter as symbolic acts of subordination to World Jewry, while simultaneously forcing U.S. school children to submit to Holocaust brainwashing by their teachers…

Six Revisionist Vintage Books in New Editions

A.R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

Professor A. R. Butz was the first (and so far the only) writer to treat the entire Holocaust complex from the revisionist perspective, in a precise scientific manner. This book exhibits the overwhelming force of historical and logical arguments that revisionism, led by Butz, had advanced by the middle 1970s. This new, 4th edition comes with several updated supplements adding new information.

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C. Mattogno: The Real Case for Auschwitz

2nd edition of Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity. Because Jewish theologian Deborah Lipstadt had called British historian David Irving a "Holocaust denier," he sued her for libel. In her defense Lipstadt presented Prof. Robert van Pelt as an expert to refute revisionist assertions about Auschwitz. Ever since van Pelt has been praised as the defeater of revisionism and foremost expert on Auschwitz. This book shows that van Pelt's study is "neither a scholarly nor a historical work; it is only a biased journalistic assemblage of poorly understood and poorly interpreted historical sources."

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W. Stäglich: Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence

Auschwitz is the epicenter of the Holocaust, where more people are said to have been murdered than anywhere else. But what if we look critically into the evidence for this claim? Stäglich has so far been the only legal expert to critically analyse the foundations of what we today think we know about Auschwitz. His research results leave the reader at times breathless when confronted with the scandalous way in which judicial authorities bent and broke the law in order to come to politically foregone conclusions. New, revised and corrected edition.

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J. Graf: The Giant with Feet of Clay

2nd edition (2015): Raul Hilberg's major work "The Destruction of European Jewry" is generally considered the standard work on the Holocaust. Jürgen Graf applies the methods of critical analysis to Hilberg’s evidence and examines the results in the light of Revisionist historiography. The results of Graf’s critical analysis are devastating for Hilberg.

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J. Graf et al.: Concentration Camp Stutthof

2nd edition (2015): According to communist literature, the Stutthof camp was a "makeshift" extermination camp within the framework of the so-called "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in 1944. Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno have examined this view of Stutthof. Not only do the authors prove that the Stutthof camp did not serve as a 'makeshift' extermination camp... 2nd edition (2015)

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J. Ball: Air Photo Evidence

During WW2 German and Allied aircraft took countless air photos, which today are evidence when investigating the Holocaust. Photos of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Babij Yar etc. permit an insight into what happened there. This book is full of air photo reproductions and schematic drawings explaining them. These images refute many of the atrocity claims made by witnesses in connection with events in the German sphere of influence. 3rd, corrected and expanded edition.

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