A German Camp in History and Propaganda


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By Carlo Mattogno

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Dec. 20, 2011

The world’s premier Revisionist scholar, Carlo Mattogno, focuses hismicroscope on Chelmno, the infamous German-run “death camp”located in Poland. It was here that huge masses of Jewish prisonerswere rounded up and mercilessly gassed in so-called "gas vans" or shot (claims vary from 10,000 to1.3 million victims). Or so say the court historians, most of whom have neverset foot near the remains of the camp. Mattogno, however, has examinedreams of wartime documents and conducted on-site investigations at theChelmno camp and around the neighboring countryside. The resulting bookchallenges the conventional wisdom of what went on inside Chelmno. Mattognocovers the subject from every angle, undermining the orthodox claimsabout the camp with an overwhelmingly effective body of evidence. Eyewitnessstatements, gas wagons as extermination weapons, forensics reports,coroners’ reports, archeological excavations, the crematoria, building plans,official U.S. reports, German documents, evacuation efforts—all come underMattogno’s scrutiny. Here are the uncensored facts about Chelmno, not thepropaganda.

This is a complementary volume to Santiago Alvarez's book on The Gas Vans. Both books were edited in parallel to make sure they are consistent with each other and are not repetitive.


Date added:
Dec. 20, 2011


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