Russian Populist

The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin

Russian Populist

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By Matthew Raphael Johnson


Russian president Vladimir Putin is one of the most reviled politicians in the west. At the same time, few leaders worldwide have maintained such high levels of popularity. Putin's political and economic successes are too startling to be debated. From his appointment as vice president on new years eve 1999, Putin has assisted in the rebuilding of a shattered country in a few short years. With high rates of economic growth, military and police reform, and a concerted attack on official corruption, Putin has become a trusted populist leader, and a significant figure in global nationalism, non-alignment and multi-polarity. This book attempts to synthesize the basic political views of Putin. It does not deal much with policy, but rather, it centers around the ideas that drive Putin and his reform plans in both domestic and foreign policy. Contrary to some western pundits,. Putin came to power with a very specific set of philosophical goals in mind - much of which is now part of the Russian political scene. As western politicians, drowning in debt and public cynicism, envy Putin's consistent popularity with the Russian populace, Russia herself seems poised to create a counterrevolution in world politics and the dreaded "American exceptionalism." Russia under Putin has engaged in a consistent policy of state nationalism that has derailed the more radical plans of "globalization" in the west.


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April 21, 2017


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