Inconvenient History Vol. V, 2013

Inconvenient History Vol. V, 2013

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By History Behind Bars

The softbound edition of Inconvenient History Volume V is now available! Our fifth softbound annual contains 516 pages of cutting-edge revisionist scholarship revealing the inconvenient truth on several aspects of recent history.

Inconvenient History Volume V contains all the content from our 4 issues from 2013. You will receive a softbound book with the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues of Inconvenient History

This volume features: Richard Widmann's War is Declared!; Germar Rudolf and Nicholas Kollerstrom's Differential Exposure of Brickwork to Hydrogen Cyanide during World War Two; K.R. Bolton's The Yockey-Thompson Campaign against Post-War Vengeance; Ralph Raico's America Goes to War; Nicholas Kollerstrom's Bishop Williamson Vindicated, Then Ousted; Klaus Schwensen's The Three Photographs of an Alleged Gas Van; Richard Widmann's Historical Revisionism and Popular Opinion; Thomas Kues's Three Aspects of the German Deportation of European Jews into the Occupied Eastern Territories, 1941-1944; K.R. Bolton's Reductio ad Hitlerum as a Social Evil; Carlos Porter's The Injustice of Conspiracy Accusations in War Crimes Trials; Thomas Dalton's The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1; Stephen Goodson's Knut Hamsun: The Soul of Norway; Klaus Schwensen's The Bone Mill of Lemberg; K.R. Bolton's German Nationalist Jews during the Weimar and Early Third Reich Eras; Carlos Porter's The Injustice of the Admissibility of Hearsay in War Crimes Trials; Nigel Jackson's A Darkening Shadow; Richard Widmann's Profile: Charles Callan Tansill; Jett Rucker's The Impotence of Force; Carlo Mattogno's Dr. Mengele's "Medical Experiments" on Twins in the Birkenau Gypsy Camp; Richard Widmann's History Behind Bars: A Future of Revisionism; Robert Faurisson's On the Publication of "The Problem of the Gas Chambers" by Le Monde; Ralph Raico's World War I on the Home Front; Joseph Bellinger's Fred Leuchter's "Indiscretion."

But that's not all! You'll also get all of our challenging editorials, informative book reviews and hard-hitting commentary.

Your revisionist library is incomplete without this volume.

For the online contents of this volume visit this volume's webpage.

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