Nathan Hale—Martyr—Spy

An Incident in the American Revolution

By Charles W. Brown

Here’s a special, brand new edition of the long-lost book—first written in 1899—now back from the memory hole. Hale, of course, is most famous for his willingness to give his life in the service of his country, uttering, on the gallows, words that were once taught to school children before political correctness dictated that more time in public schools be dedicated to liberal, gay, minority and feminist studies. According to one British officer at the scene of his hanging for espionage, Hale “behaved with great composure and resolution, saying he thought it the duty of every good officer, to obey any orders given him by his commander-in-chief; and desired the spectators to be at all times prepared to meet death in whatever shape it might appear.” Here is the story of how Hale came to find himself at the end of a British hangman’s noose and an accurate rendering of his famous “I have but one life to give” gallows speech, plus poetry and prose about Hale created by some prominent Americans including Isaac Hinton Brown, Benson J. Lossing, John S. Babcock, Francis M. Finch, Timothy Dwight and others. Illustrated. A fascinating read.

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Product Details
Item ID: 112
ISBN: 978-1-937787-25-7
Edition no.: 2
Edition type: reprint of first edition of 1899
Size: 5.5"×8.5" (216 × 140 mm)
Format: paperback
Illustrations: Yes
Publisher: Washington, D.C.: The Barnes Review
Published in: 12/2013
Appears in: