Swastika and Scimitar

Brothers in Arms

By Veronica K. Clark

Franz Wimmer-Lamquet, a virtually "unknown" Standartenführer, is sent by Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Hitler to Tanganyika (today's Tanzania) on a special mission that few knew about then, and even fewer know about today. No historian has ever detailed his remarkable adventures recruiting native Africans and Arab special forces for sabotage and warfare against Imperial Britain.

This is a brilliant book that dispels the myth of Nazi contempt for other races and peoples. The book vividly describes the Nazi German alliance with Muslims in their quest to attain freedom from foreign subjugation. Such rare accounts of history are never covered by the mainstream so called "historians" in fear that the truth would uncover their decades of lies and myths which they have worked so hard to enshroud Hitler and his Germany under, namely that Hitler was a brutal racist maniac hell bent on slaughtering every non-German wherever his armies went.

They will never tell you that millions of non-Germans fought shoulder to shoulder with their German comrades in the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS for a common cause: a world free of interest slavery and Bolshevik terror.

The sequel to Clark's "A New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces" and prequel to "The Hyenas of High Finance".


"...Herr Heydrich was again visiting us. He was the first guest to arrive. It took all my courage to go into the room and speak to him before my father had a chance to stop me. Father's glare made clear what I would be facing later on. I told Herr Heydrich that I had accidentally overheard him when he explained his colonial plan during his last visit and entreated him to give me a try, since he had not mentioned an age limit. I was already 1.83 meters tall, strong and healthy, and he could tell that I was serious about it. Heydrich sent a questioning glance at my father, who seemed to be completely absorbed in lighting his cigar with great concentration. 'I wanted to discourage my son,' said my father finally, 'but he wouldn't let up. When you, dear Herr Heydrich, can use such a young lad, he has my blessing. The only thing that is important is that he dedicates himself with his whole heart and is willing to perform to his best ability. The decision is yours.' The decision was made in my favor. My father declared on this memorable evening that he would pay all the expenses for my training himself, including the expenses of the final mission if I lived up to the expectations and aims. Heydrich gladly accepted, especially since the sums available for the execution of his idea were very limited. Until then he had only been able to rustle up 30,000 Reichsmark for this project, while my father was willing to commit for my training and my mission in East Africa one million Reichsmark, as down payment for my future inheritance. In those days that was a downright astronomical amount."

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