The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, 3 Parts

A Technical and Historical Study

The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, 3 Parts

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By Franco Deana and Carlo Mattogno

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Few objects of utter evil have inspired human imagination more than the ominous gas ovens of Auschwitz. Auschwitz is the epicenter of the Holocaust, the baseline of absolute evil. Here is where millions are said to have been murdered and obliterated in the gas ovens by the Nazis. But that’s where the problem begins, because there was no such things as a “gas oven.” What did exist, though, were cremation furnaces used to turn into ashes the remains of deceased inmates. Survivors claim that thousands of corpses were burned in them every day, and that smoke and flames shot out of the crematory chimneys.

The present study investigates the Auschwitz cremation furnaces from the bottom up. In the first section, the authors summarize the principles of combustion technology and briefly explain the chemical and physical processes of corpse cremations. Next they sketch out the development of modern cremation techniques with emphasis on Germany, and they investigate the results of several scientific cremation experiments conducted over the past 100+ years. Based on this data and on numerous scientific publications on cremations, they establish important benchmark figures, such as how long it takes to cremate a corpse, and how much fuel is needed.

The second section analyzes in depth the activities of the German company Topf & Sons, who manufactured the cremation furnaces at Auschwitz and other Nazi camps. Authors Mattogno and Deana next describe in detail the history and properties of the different types of furnaces installed. They then calculate cremation durations and fuel consumptions for each of the furnaces based on scientific experiments, documented data from actual cremations in similar furnaces, and mathematical calculations. They show that witness statements about gargantuan cremation capacities are wildly exaggerated, and they also prove that it was physically impossible for flames to emerge from the Auschwitz crematory chimneys.

This book ends with an overview of the cremation furnaces installed at other German concentration camps by other companies, and it briefly explains the legal framework within which cremations were conducted in WWII-era Germany both outside and inside its camp system.

Set of three parts with 1198 pages total. Part 1, History and Technology, contains the text on 480 pages (ISBN 1-59148-091-4); Part 2, Documents, contains 505 document reproductions on 476 pages (ISBN 1-59148-092-2); Part 3, Photographs, contains 386 photographs, 364 of them in color, on 242 pages (ISBN 1-59148-093-0).

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Author's Comments

My work The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz: A Technical and Historical Study, recently published by Castle Hill Publishers, is the result of research that began at the end of the eighties of the last century, for many years with the collaboration of engineer Franco Deana. I tried to make the documentation as complete as possible, but the book has undoubtedly still some shortcomings.
One of these concerns the section "Historical Notes on Topf & Söhne". I refer to the fundamental work by Annegret Schüle, Industrie und Holocaust: Topf & Söhne - Die Ofenbauer von Auschwitz, Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen, 2010. I have addressed this work already in my study I verbali degli interrogatori sovietici degli ingegneri della Topf (The Soviet interrogation minutes of the Topf engineers; Effepi, Genoa, 2014), particularly in Chapter 11, “Annegret Schüle e gli ingegneri della ditta Topf” (Annegret Schüle and the Topf engineers; pp. 72-90).
Unfortunately, during the laborious preparation of the English edition of my book, which took place in several stages lasting almost three years, I lost sight of some updates in this regard which I intended to introduce. These will be included in a second edition.
(Publishers’ remark: we are already working on the second edition.)

Carlo Mattogno.

La mia opera “The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz: A Technical and Historical Study” recentemente pubblicato da Castle Hill Publishers è frutto di una ricerca che cominciai già alla fine degli anni Ottanta del secolo scorso, per molti anni con la preziosa collaborazione dell'ing. Franco Deana. Ho cercato di rendere la documentazione più completa possibile, ma il libro ha senza dubbio ancora delle manchevolezze.
Una di queste riguarda il paragrafo “Historical Notes on Topf & Söhne”. Mi riferisco all'opera fondamentale di Annegret Schüle, Industrie und Holocaust: Topf & Söhne - Die Ofenbauer von Auschwitz, Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen, 2010. Di essa mi ero già occupato nello studio I verbali degli interrogatori sovietici degli ingegneri della Topf (Effepi, Genova, 2014), in particolare nel capitolo 11, “Annegret Schüle e gli ingegneri della ditta Topf” (pp. 72-90).
Purtroppo, nella laboriosa preparazione dell'edizione americana del mio libro, che è avvenuta a più riprese e a distanza di mesi, ho perso di vista le note di aggiornamento che intendevo introdurre.
Se ci sarà una seconda edizione, provvederò a colmare questa lacuna.
(Osservazione editori: stiamo già lavorando alla seconda edizione.)

Carlo Mattogno.

Mein Werk " The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz: A Technical and Historical Study, das neulich von Castle Hill Publishers veröffentlicht wurde, ist das Ergebnis der Forschung, die am Ende der achtziger Jahre des letzten Jahrhunderts begann, und zwar über viele Jahre hinweg in Zusammenarbeit mit Dr.-Ing. Franco Deana. Ich habe versucht, die Dokumentation so vollständig wie möglich zu gestalten, aber das Buch hat zweifellos noch einige Mängel.
Einer davon betrifft den Abschnitt “Historical Notes on Topf & Söhne". Ich beziehe mich darin auf die grundlegende Arbeit von Annegret Schüle, Industrie und Holocaust. Topf & Söhne - Die Ofenbauer von Auschwitz", Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen 2010. Mit dieser Studie habe ich mich bereits in meinem Buch I verbali degli interrogatori sovietici degli ingegneri della Topf (Die sowjetischen Verhörprotokolle der Topf-Ingenieure"; Effepi, Genua, 2014), insbesondere in Kapitel 11, “Annegret Schüle e gli ingegneri della ditta Topf” (Annegret Schüle und die Topf-Ingenieure; pp. 72-90).
Leider habe ich während der mühsamen Bearbeitung der englischen Ausgabe meines Buches, die sich in mehreren Etappen über fast drei Jahre hinzog, eine diesbezügliche Aktualisierungen aus den Augen verloren, die ich einfügen wollte. Bei einer zweiten Auflage werden diese berücksichtigt werden.
(Anm. des Verlages: wir arbeiten bereits an der zweiten Auflage.)

Carlo Mattogno.

List price £80.00
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Date added: June 15, 2015


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