The Gleiwitz Incident, Vol. 3

Nazi False Flag or Media Hoax? Supplemental Image Manual

By Veronica K. Clark

This is Vol. 3 of the three-volume study containing only reproductions of photos and documents. See here for the first (text) volume and here for the second (text) volume.

The stupidest thing you will ever read about World War II is the following: "THE GLEIWITZ CASE offers an almost documentary account of the events surrounding the Nazi's [sic] staged attack on a radio transmitter near Gleiwitz on the German-Polish border on August 31st, 1939. Under the command of SS officer Helmut Naujocks, six ethnic Germans living in Poland are selected and prepared for the secret operation-to take over the station and create the appearance of an assault, complete with radio message by the alleged Polish insurgents. One dead concentration camp inmate in Polish uniform is left behind as proof of the attack. This little-known 'incident' gave the Third Reich a reason for invading Poland and, in so doing, starting World War II." This description of the 2006 farce, "The Gleiwitz Case," undoes the Gleiwitz accusation all on its own. "This little-known incident gave the Third Reich a reason for invading Poland and...starting World War II"? If it was "little-known," which it was, then how on God's green earth was it utilized as a pretext to unleash the biggest intercontinental war in modern history? It is to laugh folks. Hitler didn't even mention it in his speech the next day and it was mentioned only as a footnote or as one among several incidents in the German White Paper, which is available in English online. What's more, this silly synopsis claims that precisely "six ethnic Germans" who lived "in Poland" were the "insurgents" when in fact the key affidavit, the only affidavit, claims that "5 or 6 SD men" participated. Which was it? Other accounts give different facts and figures that are so varying in scope and detail that one eventually sits back and laughs at how the educated West was taken by such a blatant ruse.

Author Veronica Kuzniar-Clark has completely, totally and utterly obliterated the Gleiwitz hoax, simultaneously providing readers with an honest and balanced picture of the German-Polish situation leading up to the war. Point by point and chapter by chapter, the author annihilates any need for a "false flag" at Gleiwitz, Hochlinden or Pitschen, meanwhile making the case that Hitler's war was "jus ad bellum": that is, justified. Serious while sarcastic, these two volumes are literally loaded with primary sources, IMT affidavits, relevant captions, photos, rare facts, IMT dialogue, war diary scans, and newspaper articles which, together, bury the Gleiwitz incident once and for all. You will not be disappointed!

This is Vol. 3 of the three-volume study containing reproductions of photos and documents. See here for the first volume and here for the second volume.

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