The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature

Poland and Falsifications of Polish History

By Else Löser

The author of these texts was an ethnic German, born, raised and educated in the territories surrendered to Poland under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Absolutely bilingual in both Polish and German, the author dedicated her life to a comparative study of Polish and German history and literature. The information presented here, in English translation, in book form for the first time, is otherwise available only in relatively inaccessible or highly difficult and complicated works written by specialists, almost never in English. "The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature" is an absolutely unique piece of literature providing a unique insight into events and mentalities which continue to produce repercussions to this day. These texts are essential reading for anyone interested, not only in the causes of the Second World War, but in arriving at an understanding of certain German actions and attitudes which would otherwise be incomprehensible. Any equation has two sides.

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ISBN: 1291311939
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