The Second Babylonian Captivity

The Fate of the Jews in Eastern Europe since 1941

By Steffen Werner

“But if they were not murdered, where did the six million deported Jews end up?”

This is a standard objection to the revisionist thesis that the Jews were not killed in extermination camps. It demands a well-founded response.

While researching an entirely different topic, Steffen Werner accidentally stumbled upon the most-peculiar demographic data of Byelorussia. Years of research subsequently revealed more and more evidence which eventually allowed him to substantiate a breathtaking and sensational proposition: The Third Reich did indeed deport many of the Jews of Europe to Eastern Europe in order to settle them there “in the swamp.”

This book, first published in German in 1990, was the first well-founded work showing what really happened to the Jews deported to the East by the National Socialists, how they have fared since, and who, what and where they are “now” (1990). It provides context and purpose for hitherto-obscure and seemingly arbitrary historical events and quite obviates all need for paranormal events such as genocide, gas chambers, and all their attendant horrifics.

With a preface by Germar Rudolf with references to more-recent research results in this field of study confirming Werner’s thesis.

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