The Bungled Bundle

Do you want to read how revisionists have caught mainstream Holocaust scholars over and over again with egg in their faces? For a special discount, we have bundled up four books doing just that. these books expose as incompetent fools:

  • Prof. Dr. Raul Hilberg, until his death the worldwide leading orthodox Holocaust scholar.
  • Prof. Dr Michael Shermer, science historian, and US historian Alex Grobman, propaganda writer for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, both authors of a "leading" anti-revisionist book.
  • New Zealand authors James and Lance Morcan, anti-revisionist dragon-slaying heroes Down Under.
  • Prof. Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Jewish Theologian, best-selling author of her book on Holocaust "denial", and US President Biden's special envoy on combatting "anti-Semitism".

This mini series shows that the world's top "experts" on matters Holocaust and revisionism are in fact not more than a bunch of bungling baboons.

Note that one of the books included in this bundle constitutes Volume 3 of our series Holocaust Handbooks (Bungled: “The Destruction of the European Jews”), while another is an extract from Volume 18 of that series (Bungled: "Denying History").

In this bundle

  • Bungled: “Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories”

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 3/2017
    With great fanfare, a new book was announce in early 2016, the ultimate refutation of "Holocaust denial." But as Mattogno's …

  • Bungled: "Denying History"

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 3/2017
    Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman claim their book "Denying History answers "all the claims of the Holocaust deniers.” But as …

  • Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”

    G. Rudolf | Print Book (paperback) 4/2017
    2nd edition: Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust" is the most pitiful book ever written against revisionism. But since academia and mainstream …

  • Bungled: “The Destruction of the European Jews”

    C. Mattogno | Print Book (paperback) 5/2021
    Raul Hilberg's magnum opus The Destruction of the European Jews is an orthodox standard work on the Holocaust. But how …

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