Supported with many publications, in particular from The New York Times, the author shows that between 1890 and the late 1920s, mainly American Jewish organizations were claiming that up to six million Jews(!) would suffer terribly in Eastern Europe and would face a holocaust if they did not receive massive aid… fifth edition of 2018.

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Aug. 3, 2018

In "From the Temple to the Talmud," Dr. Harrell Rhome offers a panoramic look at Jewish history, culture and religion from a Revisionist perspective. Not content to merely repeat the findings of previous researchers, Rhome offers a new interpretation of Jewish history‚ one that is sure to enrage some and leave others standing in ovation...

A brief history of the Jewish people, from the days of Abraham to the present: From ancient times, they have had a vision of Jewish world supremacy, based on the belief that they are God's "chosen people." Today they look forward to the coming of the Jewish messiah, who will lead them to rule the world from Jerusalem...

The issuance of the 1916 "Balfour Declaration" – England's promise to hand over Palestine to the Jews if they join in the war against Germany – set the stage for American entry into World War I and thereby laid the groundwork for World War II and the many consequential global convulsions that followed, including those in the Middle East today...

Read how Hitler's "Final Solution" offered Jewish leaders the island of Madagascar. French Prime Minister Laval agreed to turn the French island of Madagascar into a new Jewish homeland, to be governed by a joint German-French board with representation granted to any government cooperating...

4th, slightly corrected edition of June 2017: A prominent Jew says the "Holocaust" is a propaganda myth which has turned into an extortion racket. Far from bearing the sole guilt for starting WWII, Germany was mostly innocent in this respect and made numerous attempts to avoid and later to end the confrontation. Hitler has been unjustly vilified. During the 1930s, Germany was confronted by a powerful Jewish-dominated world plutocracy out to destroy it. The same powerful plutocracy has been behind many revolutions, wars, and other types of bloody "regime changes."

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July 16, 2018

A summary of the facts about, and repercussions of, the most powerful minority ever to dominate not just the only superpower on the planet, but pretty much the rest of it, too.

Was it a good idea to create the State of Israel? This book argues that it was against our better judgment...

Die von Menuhin offen gelegten Wahrheiten über die verschwiegenen Hintergründe der Ursachen der beiden Weltkriege, der tatsächlichen Kriegstreiber hinter den Kulissen der vielen Kriege und vieler anderer gegen die Freiheit und das Wohlergehen der friedliebenden Völker gerichteten Schandtaten einer verhältnismäßig kleinen aber finanziell mächtigen Elite sind nicht mehr aus der Welt zu schaffen.

This is an unsettling—but consistently fascinating—exposé of the dark forces behind world subversion that have worked relentlessly on virtually every front to forcibly transform traditional white culture for the benefit of the financial and political power of one powerful minority.