Payments & Refunds


Our Internet shop offers all products in three different currencies: US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. You can change the currency given for all our products at any time by clicking on the respective currency symbol in the box "Pick currency" on the left. When charging a credit card, however, we currently have only one option, and that charge is in US Dollars. At the end of the checkout procedure using a credit card, the amount due will therefore be converted to US Dollars using the current exchange rates. At that point, you can switch the currency to find out which currency gives you the best deal.

Note: All of our products have flexible prices. This means that YOU can change the prices of ALL of our products as you please (a feature unknown to mankind!)—except lower them below a minimum level. For some e-books, the minimum price is actually zero; for them, the initial price set by us is a recommended price.


We offer two kinds of discounts for some of our products:

Bulk Discounts

Many of our print books and printed promotional items come with bulk discounts. If you order several copies of those items, you pay less per copy. The bulk discounts granted are listed on each items individual page, toward the bottom.

Store-Wide Discounts

If you order more than one print book, we will grant you a discount, no matter whether it's several copies of one title or one copy each of several titles. The discount will increase automatically with the number of books you buy. So you will be rewarded for being a voracious reader, no matter what you read. Here is the table with some values of the discounts we currently grant (it is calculated mathematically, hence the decimals):

No. of Items Discount
2 10.000%
3 14.895%
4 18.000%
5 20.218%
6 21.916%
7 23.275%
8 24.400%
9 25.352%
10 26.174%
15 29.090%
20 30.940%
30 33.272%
40 34.752%
50 35.809%
75 37.545%
100 38.647%

If a title has an individual bulk-discount table, then this bulk discount will be applied for this item instead, if it results in higher discounts (which it usually does), but the number of copies bought still counts to calculate discounts of other not bulk-discounted items you buy. So you can save big bucks when shopping big time. (Alright, you can't save money when spending lots of it, but you know what we mean...)

Note that this does apply only to print books. There is no further discount on ebooks or audio books, which are already very cheap. We also exempted our promotional items from this scheme, as we sell those at or below production cost. In addition, items that are already on sale are also exempted from any further discount, including our Holocaust Handbooks series.

Payment Methods

CODOH/CHP offer a number of payment methods you can select:

Credit/Debit Cards
We accept the following cards:
CC card types accepted
Since CODOH is a trust registered in the U.S., all our credit card transactions have to be done in U.S. dollars. Hence, if paying by credit card, we will exchange your amount due to US$ using the current exchange rate, and we will display this US$ amount during the check-out process and on your invoice. Charges will occur as "Castle Hill Publishers, PA" on your CC statement.
If you choose this option, upon check-out we will direct you to a page where we will ask you to enter your credit card information. This information will be transferred from your browser through a highly secure, encrypted channel directly to the processing computers of our bank. No person will ever see this data. For safety reason, we also do not accept credit card card payments by any other means, be it in person, by phone or in the mail. This way, nobody can ever misuse your information.

Our policy to NOT EVER accept, save or store any credit card information, but to transmit them to the processing bank directly via a highly secured, encrypted line, is in fully compliance with the latest PCI standards.

Note: 50% of all credit-card payments from selling items on this website go to CODOH. If you want to support CODOH, please consider ordering this way. Other payment options are for the full benefit of Castle Hill Publishers.

PayPal bans any commerce with merchandise challenging the orthodox Holocaust narrative. As a consequence, they terminated our PayPal account in 2010. If you still insist on paying with PayPal, we would have to find a work-around. To initiate this, please contact us using our contact form.

We have not yet been able to implement bitcoins as an option during checkout, but we are working on it. We already have a bitcoin wallet you can use for payment, see below. If you want to use this option, please enter a note that you will pay with Bitcoin in the "Special Instructions" field during checkout, choose the option "bank transfer" as a payment option, and then place your order as normal without paying. Then, please don't forget to make that bitcoin payment using the information listed here:

Note: This key is different than the one we use for CODOH donations, as Castle Hill Publishers uses a different wallet for bill payments.

U.S. Check/Money Order
Please make such checks or money orders payable to: CODOH (NOT Castle Hill Publishers!)

This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items. Please indicate your customer and order number. Mail your check or money order to:

PO Box 20774
York PA 17402

UK Cheque/Money Order
Please make such cheques or money orders payable to: Castle Hill Services (NOT Castle Hill Publishers!)

This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items. Please indicate your customer and order number. Mail your cheque or money order to:

Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 243
Uckfield, TN22 9AW

Bank Transfer (Europe)
We will include our bank details for transfers on your invoice. Due to potential negative repercussion we cannot publish our bank details online.
If transferring the amount due in another currency than what is listed on your invoice, please make sure you transfer the right amount using the current exchange rates.
Please be aware that by law all banks within the European Union and several associated countries are forced by law to offer the same conditions for bank transfers to the UK using SEPA transfers as they do for domestic transfers, no matter what currency is transferred. Our bank will automatically convert other currencies to British Pounds without charges. So if you reside in an EU or associated country and your bank does not charge anything for domestic transfers, they are not allowed to charge anything for transfers to a UK bank account either.

This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items.

On the SEPA transfers see the information from Wikipedia:
"In 2009 E[uropean]C[ommunity] published a new regulation (EC) No 924/2009 [2] on cross-border payments in the Community [...] The new regulation [...] states that an IBAN/BIC transfer within SEPA [EU and associated countries] must not cost more than a national transfer, no matter which currency is used."

That option always exists, although we do not list it online. If you want to pay that way, simply choose the check option and send in cash instead of a check. Currencies we accept are: GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, USD, SFR.
Please make sure you send the right amount using the current exchange rates. Please do NOT send coins. For larger sums it is recommended to use registered mail. Please indicate your customer and order number. Send cash to:

PO Box 20774
York PA 17402
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 243
Uckfield, TN22 9AW
Please be aware, though, that registered mail from abroad does not always arrive safely. This payment method is therefore not recommended.

This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items.

Payment on invoice
Due to bad experiences in the past (up to a third of all customers ordering on invoice never paid), we have discontinued this option for online orders.

If you have paid in advance for goods which arrived either in unacceptable quality or not at all, you are entitled to a full refund. In such a case, please get in touch with us.