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Rudolf, Germar The Rudolf Report (2003)2003 Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Treblinka2016 Worldwide
Heddesheimer, Don The First Holocaust2018 Worldwide
Rhome, Harrell From the Temple to the Talmud2011 Europe
Countess, Robert H. Exactitude2015 Worldwide
Brown, Herbert L. The Devil's Handiwork2011 Europe
Christian, Peter The Work of All Ages2010 Europe
Cox, Cyrus Auschwitz – forensisch untersucht2018 Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Concentration Camp Majdanek2016 Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Auschwitz-Lügen2016 Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Diktatur Bundesrepublik Deutschland2017 Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker2012 Worldwide
Graf, Jürgen Concentration Camp Stutthof2016 Worldwide
Rudolf, Germar Eine Zensur findet statt!2018 Worldwide
Mattogno, Carlo Auschwitz: Crematorium I2016 Worldwide
Judas, Elizabeth Rasputin2005 Europe
Bird, Vivian The Dartmoor Massacre2003 Europe
Kulaszka, Barbara The Second Zündel Trial2019 Worldwide
White, William The Centuries of Revolution2012 Europe
Carto, Willis Populism vs. Plutocracy2005 Europe